Nowhere Man / What Goes On singleThe first Beatles song to give Ringo Starr co-writing credit was “What Goes On”, though Ringo jokingly claimed he contributed “about five words, and I haven’t done a thing since.” The writing credit is attributed to Lennon/McCartney/Starkey, with Ringo using his real name of Richard Starkey. The credits in the first pressing of the single accidentally omitted “Starkey”.

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The origins of “What Goes On” actually date back years earlier to the Quarrymen days when John Lennon started the original version of the song. It was later resurrected in 1965 and completed with the help of Paul McCartney and Starr.

The song appeared on ‘Rubber Soul’ (the UK version) and ‘Yesterday and Today’ in the US. It was also the B-side to the “Nowhere Man” single.

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