How to tell if your Beatles “White Album” is valuable

The Beatles’ 1968 self-titled double album, more commonly known as “The White Album,” is one of the most iconic and influential releases in rock history. But did you know that some original copies of the …

How to tell if your The Beatles White Album is valuable

The Beatles’ 1968 self-titled double album, more commonly known as “The White Album,” is one of the most iconic and influential releases in rock history. But did you know that some original copies of the album are worth a pretty penny? Here’s how to tell if your copy might be valuable. 

What factor affect the value of the White Album?

What factor affect the value of the White Album

The value of a Beatles White Album depends on a few factors, including the printing number, condition, and whether it includes the original poster and photographs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.  

Printing Number: The value of a White Album can go up significantly if it’s a low printing number. The lower the number, the more valuable the album is. More than 3 million copies of the White Album were pressed, but some of the very first copies that were pressed are worth thousands of dollars.  

Condition: The condition of your album is also important. A mint condition album will be worth more than one that has been well-played. If your album is still in its original shrinkwrap, that will also add to its value.  

Finally, if your album includes the original poster and photographs, that will increase its value as well. The poster is a highly sought-after collectors item, as are the photographs by Ringo Starr.  

How to Tell If your White Album is the First Pressing? 

First pressings of the album were released in both mono and stereo versions, and it’s the mono version that is most valuable. Mono copies can sell for anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000, while stereo copies hover around the $3,000 mark. So, if you have a mono copy of the album, congratulations—you might be sitting on a gold mine! 

To see if your copy is an original pressing, look for the original Apple Records logo. On the A side of each disk, there should be a green apple. On the B side, you will find an apple cut in half. The Apple Records label for the original pressing should also have the Capitol Records logo on it. If it doesn’t, then it is likely a later or foreign pressing. 

First pressing also has “Mfd. by Capitol….” in white rim text on sides 2 and 4. 

The first pressing’s cover was plain white. It has a gatefold sleeve with openings on the top. Later pressings have the openings on the sides. The band’s name and a serial number were embossed on the cardboard. Generally speaking, copies with lower numbers are more valuable. If no number is present, it’s a reissue. 

If your copy is not a first pressing—but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. In fact, some second pressings of the album can sell for upwards of $1,000. To tell if you have a second pressing, look for the words “Recording first published 1968” on Side 2 of the label. If those words are there, then you have a second pressing. Second pressings are also notable for their glossy sleeves with printed text on the cover.  


The value of a Beatles White Album can vary depending on a number of factors, including its printing number, condition, and whether it includes the original poster and photographs. However, even if your album doesn’t meet all of these criteria, it’s still a treasured piece of music history that any fan would be lucky to own. 

While not every copy of The Beatles’ “White Album” is valuable, some originals can fetch quite a high price tag— especially if they’re mono embossed with “The Beatles” on the white sleeve and original Apple Records logo on A side of each disk. So next time you go digging through your old record collection, keep an eye out for this classic album—it could be worth more than you think! 

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  1. I have the White Album I purchased a long time ago. It is stamped with a number of 0954784, in stereo. Any feel as to what my albums are worth? They are in stereo and have Mfd. by Capitol….” in white rim text on sides 2 and 4. Or can you point me in the right direction to get it appraised? Thanks very much

  2. Thank you for the lowdown on various aspects of the Beatles’ white album. I can’t quite believe I’m going to be 75 on January 10th….feels like only yesterday since I was spending part of my first wages as an office boy on a Beatles single…
    I still have some of their singles, and the white album, gathering dust on my bedroom shelf.

  3. I have the “White Album” no 8037,good condition, no inserts sadly(can you get these?) its been checked by a local record shop owner, its authentic.Rough estimate on price,
    Thanks for your help.
    Clive Raven.
    NB I have been offered £450.00

  4. I have an original mono Beatles White Album. 1968. Perfect condition, never played. Intact. Serial no. 0188862. For sale.
    Please contact H. Allen. 079325623. or. 01962 &23383

    • How much do you want for it please? I want to get it for my dad for father’s day! Me & my dad both love the Beatles & still listen to them all the time, but I really want this for my dad, who is almost 70 years old!

  5. thank you for your info. very helpful. my # 1049341 is that still have decent. value to it? One picture of George Harrison.

  6. I have Beatles White Album
    Gate open opening on the sides
    The Beatles embosed on the cover
    Green apple on A and a cut apple on B side of each disc
    Mfd. by Capitol on side 2 and 4
    Disc 1 and 2 in goog shape
    Disc 2 and 4 some scatches
    The White Album not torn but dirty and stained

  7. My album has a gatefold sleeve with top opening and number A 005592 printed in gold. On the rear of the sleeve is printed ‘Stereo’. Inner left of the sleeve has the list of songs and printed below is EMI records (The Gramophone Co Ltd) Hayes Middlesex, England.
    On both records the label has the ‘Parlophone’ logo with songs numbers listed by the publishers eg 1,2,3,4, 5,6,8 Northern songs 7, Apple Publ Co. etc. numbered as applicable to the songs on each side. Also ‘Publications and Orchestrations by George Martin’.

  8. Apparently I have
    An original edition w/ the apple logo on one side of both albums…and a split apple on the other side. There is raised lettering “THE BEATLES” on the cover, with a black typed number starting with AA. The album cover is old looking…but the lyrics typed…perfect, and the poster inside only has two tiny holes at top left & right…but the artwork/pictures on the poster look like it was never opened. I was born in 66…this album is ’68…pretty cool. Both records *sides 1-4* are in pristine condition

  9. Further to my earlier comment about an unopened White Album. THE BEATLES is embossed on the frontspiece and the number A1874184, in silver, is located, slightly askew, in the lower right hand corner. On the reverse, Stereo, in silver and slightly askew is found in the upper right hand corner. On the edge, at the top or left is, in silver, THE BEATLES and at the bottom or right is, in silver, Stereo SWBO 101
    The jacket opens on the side and one can see that there is some paper in addition to the records.

  10. Hi There, my copy of The White Album has The Beatles embossed with the number
    A 000401. The vinyl’s are in pretty good condition, but the cover not. Stereo , Parlophone labels, Orchestrated and Produced by George Martin. Unfortunately no photographs.

  11. I have a stereo version of the White Album with a No. 2496312 embossed on the bottom right corner of the front cover containing The BEATLES.
    Also contains the four poster shots of each Beatle and the lyrics sheet with other photos. MFG BY APPLE RECORDS, INC. on side 2 and 4.
    Not sure of its value.

  12. I have a defective Beatles white album. Never been able to be played. The hole is off so it couldn’t spin. In original sleeve and cover. I believe the posters as well. Just wondering if that has any value?

  13. I have 2 white albums both have raised name on front. also one has poster. little circle by number. one has stereo on back with no poster. the other one does have one that has wrong spelling on label the other is correct spelling. both are in great shape with no scratches on the records. one is number a circle and number 0824214 the other is just number 0187940

  14. Hi I have my dads copy of the Beatles White Album numbered 0065218. It is in very good condition with photos and poster. Apples are on the A and B side but it has MFD in UK. Can anyone help me with the value of this please
    Many thanks

  15. Hi I’ve got the White Album number 0065218 complete with photos and poster, how do I find out the value. It has the green apples on the centre but says its MFD in UK.
    If anyone can help please let me know

  16. I have White Album. Special Certificate no 525. Apple Label Only three shiny photos, Paul is missing.Years later I purchased another white Album. These copies not like the originals.Wishing to sell.


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