Sie Liebt Dich - Die Beatles“Sie Liebt Dich” is the German version of “She Loves You”. The Beatles recorded it at the Pathe Marconi Studios in Paris on January 29, 1964. At this time they also recorded “Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand”, a German version of “I Want To Hold Your Hand”.

The songs came about because the German division of EMI, Electrola Gesellschaft, thought that the only way to sell Beatles records in their country was if they were in German. The Beatles thought the idea was stupid, but George Martin convinced them to do it anyway. The tracks were a big hit in Germany, but as it turns out, today their English versions are much better known there.

The original two-track tape of “She Loves You” had been destroyed by EMI, so they had to re-record the instruments from scratch for “Sie Liebt Dich”. After 13 takes they had the backing track and then overdubbed their vocals in a single take.

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John Lennon & David Bowie at the GRAMMY Awards March 1, 1975John Lennon provides supporting vocals and guitar on David Bowie’s song “Fame”. John also came up with the title. Using Lennon’s title, and a guitar riff written by Bowie band member Carlos Alomar, Bowie quickly developed the song and recorded it with his band and John at The Power Plant studio in January 1975. Earlier, in the same one-day session, they had recorded a cover of The Beatles’ “Across the Universe”. Both tracks appear on David Bowie’s ‘Young Americans’ album, released March 1975.

Even though his contribution to the writing of the song was minor, Lennon is given co-writing credit. The songwriting credit is listed as David Bowie, Carlos Alomar, and John Lennon.

Brian Jones Rolling Stones Guitarist & Co-FounderThe saxophone solo on “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)” was played by the Rolling Stones’ guitarist and co-founder Brian Jones. The recording of the song began with all four Beatles during the summer of 1967, with Jones adding his saxophone part in June.

The song was shelved for two years until April 1969, when John Lennon and Paul McCartney recorded their vocal tracks and added additional sound effects with the help of road manager/assistant Mal Evans.

The song would not appear on record for yet another year when it became the B-side to the Beatles’ single, “Let It Be”, released in 1970. Brian Jones would not live to see it’s release as he died due to a drowning accident (or some say due to murder) on July 3, 1969.

John Lennon & George Harrison looking at guitars at Rushworths Music Store“Cry for a Shadow” is the only Beatles song to be credited to John Lennon and George Harrison alone. It’s an instrumental that was written by John and George as a parody of The Shadows style. The Shadows were Cliff Richard’s backing band and the biggest British instrumental rock & roll group at the time. “Cry for a Shadow” was recorded on June 22, 1961 in Hamburg, Germany, while The Beatles were backing up Tony Sheridan in the recording studio.

According to Mersey Beat newspaper editor Bill Harry, the original title of the track was “Beatle Bop”.