Hi, I’m Tony, the new owner of Beatlestrivia.com.

I bought the site a few months back – originally I was looking to start a new site on something I had an interest in, and saw this was for sale, so made an offer. As a kid, my dad had tapes (cassettes) of The Beatles on for almost every trip in the car; meaning I know the words to nearly every Beatles song in existence!

Over the years my favourite song has changed several times. If I had to pick today, I’d go with “In my life”. My mum and dad both grew up in Liverpool at the time The Beatles were massive, and when my dad passed away a few years ago, my mum chose “In my life” to be played at his funeral, so that’s always going to be up there for me. Aside from In My Life, I’d say it’s one of:

  • Let it be
  • She Loves you
  • I feel fine
  • Here comes the sun

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