Stuart Sutcliffe - Original Beatles BassistStuart Sutcliffe was the original bassist of The Beatles from May 1960 to August 1961. Though Sutcliffe was much more of an artist/painter than a musician, his friend John Lennon convinced him to buy a Höfner bass guitar with money that Stuart earned from an art exhibit.

When the Beatles played in Hamburg, Germany, Stuart met and fell in love with fellow artist and photographer, Astrid Kirchherr. In November 1960, Stuart and Astrid got engaged. Sutcliffe decided to leave The Beatles and concentrate on painting again. He stayed in Hamburg with Kirchherr and enrolled at the Hamburg College of Art. Stuart lent Paul McCartney his bass until he could buy his own and Paul became the permanent bass player for The Beatles.

While he was studying in Hamburg, Sutcliffe started suffering from debilitating headaches. His condition worsened and he died of a brain hemorrhage on the way to the hospital on April 10, 1962. He was only 21 years old.

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  2. Person Says:

    The answer is Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best.

  3. BeatlesTrivia Says:

    @Person – You are half right, and half wrong. Anyway, the answer is in the post.

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  6. jacobs sutcliffe Says:

    thats my great uncle just for people that want to know

  7. colin unwin Says:

    Id like people to know that stuart ‘s headstone was falling over , which is in Hyton cemetry Liverpool, I visit and have done for 12 years , so I got a stonemason to upright his headstone and secure it…..god bless him.

  8. colin unwin Says:

    I own some of stuarts poems , and treasure them. I visit Liverpool with friends and show them his flat that he had in 23 ullet rd, also showing them the two roomed flat that his family lived in , near the lake in Sefton park, and then I visit his grave in Hyton cemetry…

  9. colin unwin Says:

    I was asked would I like to go on the t.v last year to talk to Astrid , when she visited the u.k ….I said that I would like to meet her , but when the tv people tryed to contact her she had already flown back to Germany….

  10. colin unwin Says:

    I show my friends round to Lathem hall where it is said that Stuart was attact in the car park at the side of the club near the stage…I have visited Litherland town hall from years back and met the manager of the 60s dance hall there he did tell me , when I asked him about the fight that took place , and he said he never remembers the fight being taken place at the Litherland town hall…..And that if anywhere it would have been at Lathom Hall , which was a teddy boy strong hold , and at the time fighting was commenplace..

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