Paul McCartney in Lagos drumming on Band on the RunThe drummer on Wings’ 1973 album ‘Band on the Run’ was none other than Paul McCartney. Paul and his wife Linda were bored with recording in the UK, and decided they wanted to try a studio in a different locale. From a list of EMI’s international recording studios, they chose Lagos in Nigeria as the place to record the ‘Band on the Run’ album. In addition to the McCartneys, guitarist/pianist/vocalist Denny Laine, lead guitarist Henry McCullough and drummer Denny Seiwell were scheduled for the trip. However, a few weeks before departing, McCullough quit Wings in Scotland and Seiwell quit the night before the departure. This left only the core members, Paul, Linda and Denny Laine, to go to Lagos and record the album as a trio. Without a drummer, McCartney took it upon himself to handle the drumming duties.

This was by no means the first time Paul had played drums on a recording. He played all of the drums on his 1970 ‘McCartney’ solo album as well as on a few Beatles songs including “The Ballad of John & Yoko”, “Back in the USSR”, and “Dear Prudence”.

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  1. mick Says:

    Interesting picture of The Mac, He is playing the drums right handed.

    Mick (the left handed drummer)

  2. Ellie` Says:

    Ringo is left handed too, and he plays the drums right-handed.

  3. BeatlesTrivia Says:

    @Ellie, that’s true. It’s mentioned in this post . Everyone, thanks for the comments.

  4. Robert Decker Says:

    I read in a book once that said the only “Paul” song on the “White Album” that Ringo played drums on was “O bla di, O bla da”. All the other “Paul” songs he (Paul) played his own percussion. This lead to Ringo being the first to quit the band and also why Paul had his drumset decked out with flowers when Ringo agreed to return. Both of them let the rest of the world think that Paul only played drums on USSR, Ballad of J&Y and Prudence. Go back & listen close and you’ll hear that’s not Ringo on songs like “Birthday”, “Martha My Dear” or “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road”.

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  6. Ben Saunders Says:

    Robert, where did you read that? I’ve never heard that claim before.

  7. Pancho Says:

    You shouldn’t believe everything you read Robert. Listen closely instead. “Birthday” is most definitely Ringo. Martha My Dear could be Paul. WDWDIITR is Paul. Dear Prudence, I think is the most offensive Beatles myth out there because not only is it Ringo, it’s one of his best performances. Paul COULD NOT have done that.

  8. Eddie boy 66 Says:

    Paul McCartney is a musical genius, but he is no drummer. Drumming on Band on The Run cut is quite sloppy, and he even makes a mistake during a fill. Truly a genius, but not a drummer.

  9. Dallas Says:

    Playing drums is not necessarily about having perfect technique. A lot of times it’s more about one’s ability to provide a nice groove or feel for the song. I think Paul McCartney is a very good drummer and knows how to stay within the limits of his technical abilities.

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